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Advertising LED display with full color

HD LED display is coming with pixel-level control point technology and the reduction of color and uniformity of state control. Since 2015, the competition of advertising full color LED display is particularly fierce price war almost overran the basic corporate profits. Following this, the rapid development of emerging market areas, outdoor media, advertising, outdoor surface mount, shaped screen, brisk performance and other markets, so full color LED display become the most attention in the industry.

With the small current chip industry has become mainstream, the reverse leakage current problem-solving will be key to the success of display products. The service is extremely difficult with small pitch display, which gives the current control, anti-static ability chip reliability parameters put forward higher requirements. It seems from the current situation of industrial development, hopes LED display (especially small pitch display) to enter the domestic market and more than a hundred times the growth rate to achieve leapfrog development is unrealistic.

One of the advantages fo LED is excellent energy-saving effect. However, in terms of user experience and price cost, cheap advertising LED display has no advantage in China. Compared to the current market presence of a single projector products, outdoor LED screen is a significant advantage in terms of color, energy, and clarity. So instead of a single projector products will be the future growth of the full color LED display market a key entry point.

A LED display with small pitch comes with lucrative profits. However, in the LED display applications into the "small pitch era" after the appropriate LED current density magnitude but opposite. LED displays are constantly innovation. Compared with ordinary products, VISS LIGHTING developed new outdoor LED display, from the appearance of the display system has a lot of changes, the function is having a greater advantage.

advertising LED display


Stage LED display from China

In recent years, with of economic of growth, culture of construction, again plus stage of an effect has entered people brain of deep, has on stage LED display has deep the of awareness. We were with actual practice at the same time, ongoing product innovation and improvement will bring long-term benefits for the customer. Recent led display series, the China LED rental screen after a three-month market research, exclusive high definition display system stability by the social recognition and customer recognition.

At present, China LED displays are not only able to meet requirements of human eyes watching, and for high-speed video cameras and cameras, also applies and, therefore, this LED display at the party, provides conditions for the use of all aspects of sports competitions, thus creating a hot market now.

System controls every aspect of the programme with hot backup capabilities, including the video sending, receiving device and signal transmission cables, it ensures that unexpected situation occurred somewhere in the system, the system can automatically diagnose and working at great speed to switch to an alternate device, the whole switching process does not affect the display on the spot.

In order to meet the demands of the stage setting for LED mesh, the display needs to move in with live radio mosaic style. If the worker is due to negligence or other reasons, large screen in the middle of a display signal input line is loose, routine control programmes, starting from the loose box, to the end of the signaling cascade, all displays will be no signal. If hot backup solution is added to the control system, signal wires loose moments, and hot backup capabilities start, display still works without any consequences for a live audience.

Now please learn more from this China LED display manufacturer:

Decided to stage performance job and stability of materials with LED lights from China manufacturers, the display driver IC, power supply and power signal connector and excellent structural design. Our requirements for materials selection: internationally renowned brands, related testing at higher than industry standards, as well as a variety of protection requirements. Switching power supply model selection: overheating protection, AC input to support the wide range voltage, surge. DC output over-voltage and over-current protection. Structure design ensures the body beautiful and stylish at the same time, to ensure good heat dissipation and quick splicing method for LED mesh display.