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Status and application of LED dance floor

Currently, the definition of the management of technological innovation LED dance floor Focused on the big screen smart control, new product development, high-density display, LED floor applications heterosexual special engineering design, LED development and product reliability, energy efficiency, and aspects --other . These products are very optimistic about the current situation is the future trend of the LED industry.

SECONDLY, LED indoor and outdoor floor in applications market continued to expand and Become a new growth market, Especially LED dance floor. With the advent of P1.0 products, indoor LED dance floor at the conference presentation screen, indoor information display applications Such As popular pro-gaze, Has Begun to replace Reviews some of the traditional indoor display products. These applications overall reliability and stability of the system put forward Higher requirements.

Finally, There are a huge Amount to Maintain the security, monitoring and command and control center applications, LED dance floor to replace the traditional LCD or DLP products, need to Log goal aussi address the high grayscale control under low brightness, low pixel rate control, High reliability pixel, video image processing and playback of intelligent, super-pixel screen in combination with --other display issues.

These issues require the chain of collaborative innovation for the application requirements, technical étroitement working with the development of related technologies attached to solve bottlenecks.

Basic technical standardization, implementation Needs diversification, product design personalized
Specialization gradually clear chain collaborative innovation, multi-industry cooperation to Promote. Enterprises pay more careful to Differentiated products, market segments focus, build brand connotation, Enhance core compétitivité.

Dance floor systems engineering, multi-technology, multi-system integration of Specialized solutions
For increasingly complex systems applications, industrial display applications from a single product to Provide systems engineering building and development of the show. Display systems for industrial Specialized applications, services, and technology industry Needs Will Be important protective solutions year development management of the industry.

Mainly LED dance floor to the full-color, high-density dot spacing and management of development, is expected to continue in a 'wider Range of products to replace traditional displays. The main display area of ​​the wide, high-definition technology, special products, and engineering design development, The Greater extent to meet The Needs of a Variety of outdoor display applications.

LED Dance Floor