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The applications of indoor LED screen

In order to meet the needs of modern society, the indoor LED display has been more widely used today, the applications of them are so hot this year. Light of the full-color screen is not only beneficial product installation, maintenance, and support for the construction of objects but also reduce the weight, more secure, and increased aesthetics.

Indoor LED display technology to drive the thin-thin trend related components and parts of products, such as the power of the product more light, more light box and so on. In recent years, the country witnessed a number of full-color collapsed, falling incident raises concerns about the safety of full color. The future, when the light of the screen as the main form, the display will greatly reduce the weight of its own, will also reduce security risks.

When applied more widely indoor LED display, people will not be limited to the pursuit of the screen display effect beginning with the time, but still want to maintain a good picture of the effect after a period of time. A few years ago, indoor LED display by point correction is only a superior new technology, only large-scale, high-end display to use affordable. More importantly, people do not care for full color calibration point by point, the lack of use of consciousness.

LED display using the occasion more for high-end, on the level of places, such as banks, securities exchanges, etc., and mostly single-color display. The emergence of full-color screen to break the context of use, quickly expanded to the application of space indoors and outdoors. Technology advances, prices plummeted and maturity level of service makes our indoor LED display became the world's manufacturing power, triggering a full-color climax domestic use.

Users indoor LED display is also from the previous tyrant who gradually turned civilian sectors, small and medium sized hotels, public supermarkets, private entertainment so can purchase and use LED display screen. Even the traditional single-color door panel have gradually been replaced by full color indoor LED screen also began to enter ordinary households were self-employed. Maybe someday, we will see a variety of full-color business information broadcast advertising, which is replaced by the original single-color display out of the market.

Small pitch LED wall particularly fast development in recent years, more and more accepted and recognized by the market and become a new growth point of the display industry. Small pitch high density ultra-high definition LED display, has been a field of ongoing exploration of domestic and foreign enterprises in the giant LED display prices.

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